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Heating system design

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8-Nov-12 16:08

Has anyone been able to obtain an design/specification for the major items of a new domestic heating system independently of a quotation for supply and installation? Who from and would they recommend them? Location is irrelevant to me but I would expect anyone who might be able to provide this service for us would not want to be much more than 1 hours travelling time from Kingston upon Thames. By major items I mean boiler make and model, radiator size and location in rooms, thermostat/sensor locations and zoning etc, etc, and not the lengths and diameters of piping required. Heating system is likely to need to be unvented and incorporate both wet and electric underfloor heating.

Background is that a loft conversion and rear extension is being specified up for tender purposes but I have many questions that I would like answers to (For example, with regard to the new heating system: What would replace that radiator and where would it go? Do these radiators just need TRVs fitted or do they need to be replaced?). The whole process is taking far longer than expected and current boiler is on its last legs! We have, once again, just narrowly escaped having to replace it ahead of the building works. In case we don't escape again, I would like to know in advance if boiler make XXXX model YYYY is to be the replacement which would then be moth-balled during building works or if we will just have to purchase the cheapest possible boiler as a temporary, throw-away, replacement.


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13-Nov-12 00:48


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Abingdon, Oxfordshire

14-Nov-12 22:21

we has just spec up a house refurb......we did charge 2 hrs labour (£70.00) to spec and size the boiler, radiators for each room, underfloor heating area, size of unvented cylinder etc....why not ask a local firm to do the same for a small fee.

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