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Cost of new central heating system?

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29-Oct-12 14:22

Can anybody give a "rough" estimate as to how much a brand new gas fired c/heating system costs to install?. The property currently has electric storage heaters and is a 2 bed(upstairs) detached cottage with kitchen/living room/dining room. There is gas connected to the properties either side but no pipe into this one. Many thanks

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Walthamstow, London

  • Which? Staff

29-Oct-12 14:28

 (Changed by W?Arnie  why?)

Hi David

We have some average cost data with regards to common central heating jobs that you may find helpful.

All the best


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29-Oct-12 16:02

For a good boiler its around£1100, plus the other work min £2500.

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6-Nov-12 22:30


I was recently considering buying a house with storage heaters and like you also wondered how much it would cost to put gas central heating in.

I found you can get an estimate for the installation of the gas supply pipework and meter by going to the Wales and West Utilities website and filling in their online form. Within a couple of weeks the estimate came through the post.

Sounds like your gas pipe is a lot nearer to the property than the one I was looking at. Wales and West Utilities quoted £676.80 to supply a meter box on side of house and connect to gas main out on main road. This was for a 2 man team to dig up and lay 20 metres of pipework on public highway and 5 metres on private land of the property. Hope this helps.

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