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How do I keep rats out of my garden?

How to deter rats from your garden

We ask a recommended pest control expert how to keep rats out of the garden. Read more »

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Urban fox in garden

How to deter urban foxes from your garden

Are urban foxes keeping you awake at night or fouling in your garden? We asked a pest controller for advice. Read more »

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Pest controller treating a flea infestation at a customer's home

Pest control: fighting fleas at home

Fleas are a difficult pest to tackle but persistence can prevent the need for an expensive professional call-out. Read more »

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Feet at the end of the bed

Pest control: don't let the bed bugs bite

Bed bugs are on the increase around the world. Find out how to find, identify and get rid of these bloodsucking bugs. Read more »

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Pink grapefruit slices

Pest control: dealing with fruit flies

Fruit flies are a nuisance and reproduce so quickly that a couple becomes a swarm in the blink of an eye. Find out how to deal with them. Read more »

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Kitchen work surface

Pest control: get rid of mice in the home

Mice can spread disease, destroy furniture and even cause house fires. Find out how to prevent and treat a mouse infestation. Read more »

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