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Renewable energy related which? advice

Glenn Ashby from Techfor Energy Ltd in Guildford, Surrey

Can Solar power help to reduce your hot water bills?

We asked Which? Local recommended Glenn Ashby, the technical director of Techfor Energy Ltd, whether solar power can help to reduce your hot water bills. Read more »

In Solar panel installers | MGS

Solar PV panels being installed onto a home's roof

Solar PV: is it for you?

Thinking of using solar panels to save cash and make electricity at home? Read about what to consider before taking the plunge. Read more »

In Solar panel installers | Roofers

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Consulting Other Flat Owners

I'm considering having panels installed on the roof of my block of flats. I'm on the top floor and there are 5 other flats in the block (3 floors, 2 flats each). Am I legally obliged to seek permission from the owners of the other flats or can they…

Buy Back scheme

Has anyone come across LIGHTSOURCE a company who apparently will buy your solar panel system for a lump sum? It just seems another scam as they offer cash to buy yours system BUT they get the FIT payments and you get the electricity free. There seem…