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What happens during a lawnmower service?

We asked a garden machinery servicing expert about what happens during a full service of a petrol rotary lawnmower and how much it should cost.

Petrol rotary lawn mower

Member question: 'I bought a petrol lawnmower this year. What sort of things will be done to it when I take it for a service?'

How much does a petrol rotary lawnmower service cost?

Tim says: 'Our service price is based on the cutting width of the machine.

'Up to an 18" cutting width is £75 including VAT. Bewteen 18" and 22" is £80 including VAT.

'Anything larger than this would be quoted for on an individual basis.'

A reputable garden machinery servicing company will look at a whole host of things. When they do a full service on a petrol rotary mower, they should:

  1. Remove all covers and guards.
  2. Steam clean the machine to remove any grass build up and oil residues.
  3. Remove and strip the carburettor and clean it in an ultrasonic tank.
  4. Flush the fuel tank to remove any stale fuel and contamination.
  5. Replace the pull starter cord and re-wind the return spring and lubricate all moving parts.
  6. Check the air gap on the ignition coil and fit a new spark plug.
  7. Replace the air filter.
  8. Change the engine oil.
  9. Sharpen and balance the blade.
  10. Check drive belt and cables and make any necessary adjustments.
  11. Lubricate height adjuster mechanism and all control levers and cables.
  12. Tighten the engine mounting and handle bar bolts.
  13. Run and test all machine functions.
  14. Check engine running speed and tune carburettor.

About our expert trader

Garden machinery expert Tim Wall contributed to this advice.

Tim is a director of Hertfordshire Garden Machinery Ltd and has 16 years' experience in the horticultural machinery industry.

Based in Welwyn Garden City, the company sells and services horticultural machinery and accessories.

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