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Preparing a petrol lawnmower for spring

Have your lawnmower serviced annually, says our garden machinery repair expert, and keep it clean to prevent rusting.

Petrol lawnmower

Member question: How should I check and prepare my lawnmower for the spring cutting season?

Have your lawnmower serviced

Your lawnmower should have been cleaned and the fuel drained ahead of the winter season.

Before spring arrives, it's a good idea to have the mower serviced by a professional. Many garden machinery repair businesses will collect your mower and return it to you at home once the service is complete.

In addition, good traders usually offer a season-long guarantee on any work carried out.

Check the oil level before use

Once any faults have been repaired as part of the annual service, all you'll need to do before use is check the oil level using the dipstick and top up if needed.

Clean after use

After use, clean the underside of the mower with a damp cloth to prevent a build-up of grass and rusting. Be sure to tip the mower toward the back of the sump, rather than toward the carburettor. Consult the manual if you're not sure.

Consider a conditioner

If you're storing more than one can, you can prolong the life of fresh fuel by adding an 'additive' or 'conditioner'.

About our expert trader

Paul Simmons from garden machinery servicing business Mower Mate in Croydon, London (Photograph: Sarah Chapman)

Our expert: Paul Simmons

Paul Simmons established Mower Mate, a London-based garden machinery repair and servicing business, in 1991.

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