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How to increase your shower temperature

We asked Ibrahim Tural (Real Boiler Servicing & Maintenance) for his top tips on how to increase your shower temperature.

Member question: Our upstairs shower uses a pump to get enough pressure through. We have scalding water through the taps all over the house, but the shower never seems to get more than just past lukewarm. This has only started recently.

I would advise that you check your shower mixer valve is working properly first of all - making sure that it moves freely and smoothly from full hot to full cold. Then, set the unit to full hot and note the pressure, repeat with cold and compare to see if they're the same. Next , check that the pump works when the shower is on hot only, then on cold only. If possible check how hot the pipes going to the shower are. 

If the above checks are all OK, there may be a problem with the shower unit, possibly the thermostatic cartridge. Depending on your abilities you could remove and wash or de-scale the cartridge (this might not work) or replace it.

Shower temperature: what you need to know

Problematic shower?

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  • Most thermostatic cartridges range from about £80-150 depending on the make. 
  • You can check the temperature of your shower by using a simple food thermometer, to ensure its operating as per the manufacturers instructions. For a more stable reading put the thermometer in a mug and fill it using the shower head. 
  • Adjusting the hot water outlet temperature on your combi boiler can effect the outlet temperature of your shower.

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