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How to cut down and remove an overgrown leylandii hedge

We ask a recommended tree surgeon about how to tackle an overgrown leylandii hedge – including cutting back the branches and removing the stump.

Our expert: Tree surgeon Matt Taylor from Taylor Rhodes Tree Services

Member question: I've got an overgrown leylandii hedge in my garden. What's the best way of chopping it down and removing the stumps?

Check for tree preservation orders

Firstly, you should get in touch with your local council's planning department.

They will tell you whether there are any tree preservation orders or conservation requirements in your area.


Cutting back the leylandii hedge

Trader tip

Don't cut the leylandii stump to the bottom – instead, leave about 1m above ground so that it can be used to lever the stump away.

Once you have consent to do the work, you can set about removing the hedge carefully.

If it's very large, you may wish to employ a tree surgeon to cut it down. But if you want to do it yourself, make sure you wear appropriate protective gear and use a handheld saw or secateurs, taking care throughout.

Keep removing branches one by one until all that's left is the stump.

Removing the leylandii stump

More about this

How to remove tree stumps

A small stump can be removed using a mattock or by digging out.

Larger stumps need to be tackled by a specialist stump removal contractor who will use machinery to grind it away. Some tree surgeons also offer this service.

About our expert trader

Tree surgeon Matt Taylor from Taylor Rhodes Tree Services in London

Our expert: Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor is a tree surgeon at Taylor Rhodes Tree Services.

Established in 1994, the business carries out domestic and commercial arboriculture work across London and is highly recommended by members on Which? Local.

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