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How to build raised beds

Raised beds are an attractive way of adding interest and planting space to your garden. We asked a landscaper for advice on how to build them.

Raised bed with plants and vegetables

Member question: Do you have any tips on how to build raised beds?

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Start by finding some good timber boards – these could be anything from fencing gravel boards, 6” x 2” treated timber boards or sleepers.

Cut two each of the shorter and longer measurements and then screw together at the ends. This could be repeated above for more height.

If you make the bed wider than one board in depth, it’s a good idea to fix a post into each corner. For large beds (over a couple of metres in size) it’s worth fixing the posts into the ground.

The frame should ideally be sunk into the ground by a couple of inches.

Back the timber with plastic sheeting to prevent rot. This should be fixed a couple of inches from the top on the inside using batten.

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Darren Ward is the owner and operator of Wild Roots, a garden design and landscaping business based in London. 

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