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How to buy and care for cut flowers

Get the best out of cut flowers by learning how to buy the best and care for them at home.

Buying and caring for cut flowers

Buying cut flowers


Trader tip: Spring and summer are the easiest time to support British growers. British daffodils are exported all over the world so even if you buy them from a New York sidewalk they are probably from Cornwall.

  • Always buy flowers when they are in bud, rather than fully open. This will maximise their lifetime with the recipient.
  • Roses should feel firm headed when you gently squeeze them.
  • Buy chrysanthemums with green centres.
  • Buy flowers in season for the best prices. Ask a florist for advice and look at what's growing in gardens as a guide.

Caring for cut flowers

Trader tip: Keep flowers away from direct heat such as windowsills above radiators or in direct sunshine to stop them drying out.

  • When you get a bunch of flowers, reopen the bottom of the stems by cutting them at an angle.
  • Add flower food to the water to help keep bacteria at bay.
  • Strip the stems of leaves that will go under water.
  • Change the water every other day to keep it clean free from upleasant odour, especially in warm weather.

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