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Damaged fence: repair or replace?

When windy weather damages fences, is it better to repair or replace fencing posts and panels? We asked expert Robin Millicheap from Which? Local-recommended R C Fencing.

Fixing a dmaged fence post and panel

Which? member question: Windy weather caused part of my fence to blow down. Should I repair or replace it?

Broken posts or panels?

Fence repair tools

Fencing repair tools

The best course of action depends on the severity of the damage and the condition of the fence posts and panels.

Broken posts can be identified by wobbling when handled.They can be replaced, and the existing panels attached, providing they’re in good condition.

If the panels are damaged but the posts are intact, then individual panels can also be replaced.

Old, dried panels can’t usually be repaired, as they break when nails are hammered in.

Can I replace fence panels and posts myself?

Replacing panels and posts is fairly straightforward and can be tackled by a DIY enthusiast. Removing concrete is physically demanding, though, and the cost of hiring a jackhammer and buying materials often makes hiring a fencing contractor a cheaper option.

When should I replace the whole fence?

Generally, if more than half of the fence is broken, replacing the whole fence will prove more cost effective in the long term. A good quality fence, which is preserved and well maintained, should last for 15 to 20 years.

About our expert trader

Robin Millicheap established his professional fencing business, R C Fencing, in 1990.

Robin carries out fencing repairs and builds for domestic, commercial and industrial customers in Hertfordshire.

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