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How to deter urban foxes from your garden

Are urban foxes keeping you awake at night or fouling in your garden? We asked a pest controller for advice.

Pest controller Gary Judd from Judd Pest Control in London, UK

Our expert pest controller Gary Judd answers a reader question about deterring foxes

Member question: 'There are lots of urban foxes in my area. What can I do to deter them from fouling in my garden?'

1. Make your garden less fox-friendly

Deterring foxes from the garden: remove food and cover

Cut back shrubs and bushes so that there is less cover and consider adding some prickly plants.

Don't leave food for pets outside at night. Clear any windfall fruit and use roofed bird tables or feeders.

Bins and composters should be securely sealed.

2. Mark your territory

Because foxes are territorial animals, they will usually respond to a simple, cost-free deterrent: human urine.

Put urine from a young male onto the areas favoured by the foxes. Repeating every few days should eventually persuade the foxes that your garden is not for them.

Never use urine from a female as this will attract foxes rather than deter them. 

About our expert trader

Gary Judd, an expert pest controller from London

Our expert: Gary Judd

Gary Judd has been a pest controller for seven years.

Established in 2007, his Judd Pest Control business serves customers across London and is highly recommended by Which? members on Which? Local.

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