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Should I repair or replace my computer?

We spoke to a recommended computer repair technician to find out how to decide whether a computer should be repaired and upgraded or replaced.

Repair or replace?

To decide if it is worth getting a new computer or repairing the one you've got, ask yourself two questions:

  • How old is the computer?
  • How much will it cost to repair?

If the repair bill goes into the hundreds of pounds and your computer is more than three years old, it's usually best to buy a new computer.

A basic desktop computer or netbook costs around £300. For a desktop, you might also be able to keep your old monitor.

Otherwise, upgrading the memory (Ram) can be a cost-effective improvement. Follow a step-by-step online guide to installing more Ram online or find a recommended computer repair shop for a quote.

Computer repairs: how much should you pay?

In July 2012, we sent a survey to all Which? Local traders in the Computer shops, repairs and consultants category with a rating of three stars or more and an email address.

135 traders responded to the survey. Using their experience and expertise, they answered questions about the cost of popular jobs, and how long they should take to complete.

Find out how much it should cost and how long it will take to fix your computer


About our expert trader

Computer repair technician Andrew Davies

Our expert: Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies works at AD Computers in Cardiff. 

The business won a regional Which? Local Business of the Year award (Wales) in 2010.

Reviewers have praised AD Computers for offering a quick, reliable service which represents great value for money.

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