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Building a greenhouse

Thinking about building a flat-pack greenhouse? We asked a gardener for tips.

Greenhouse with flowers

Which? member question: 'I'd like a greenhouse for my garden. Do you have any tips on how I can build one myself?'

Positioning the greenhouse

The first thing to do is think carefully about where you want to place the greenhouse in your garden.

Read the instructions supplied with the greenhouse for advice on the best location and how to approach building the greenhouse.

Greenhouse foundations

Foundations are important. Lots of people use concrete but this isn't always necessary.

Many greenhouses can be laid on level paving slabs or pre-made metal bases – just ensure that you fix the greenhouse securely to prevent the wind from blowing it over.

Building the greenhouse

In my experience, I find it better to fix the glass into the roof sections first, then to the sides, front and back before finally tackling the door and any windows.

Always use the correct fixings, as specified in the manufacturer's instructions, and wear suitable protective gear when handling glass.

Wash and disinfect the greenhouse

Install any staging, shelves and internal paths before finally washing down your greenhouse and contents with a suitable disinfectant to protect your plants from disease.

About our expert trader

Andy Lawrence runs Cardiff-based garden design business Andy's Small Gardens Ltd.

Andy designs and installs fencing, patios decking, ponds, sheds, greenhouses and more.

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