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Double glazing - effective insulation?

Double glazing's insulating effects in infra-red. Save the planet and your pocket by insulating your home.

Double glazing as insulation

Single glazed windows

Infra-red image of poorly insulated home

This infra-red image shows a poorly insulated house in Essex.

The red colour on the pictures below shows heat escaping from the same house before and after double glazing was fitted.

Note: Anglian Home Improvements carried out the study and took the infra-red pictures.


Double glazed windows

Infra-red image of a home with B-rated, double glazed windows

This image shows the same house with B-rated casement windows.

The Energy Saving Trust says: 'Double glazing works by trapping air between two panes of glass creating an insulating barrier that reduces heat loss, noise and condensation.

'Good quality double glazing cuts heat loss through windows by up to half and your heating bills by around £135 a year.'

This figure is based on a gas heated, three bed semi-detached house replacing all single glazed windows with B-rated double glazing.

Please note: This article is archived and may no longer be relevant. Please make sure you take independant advice before following any information given in this article.