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Air conditioning in your home: Advice on keeping cool

When the temperature rises in the summer months, many of us are tempted to get the electric fans out to keep cool. Richard Merritt from AC Solutions Group Ltd tells us about the advantages of installing a home air conditioning system and gives us some top tips on how to keep your house cool in the hot summer months.

Richard Merritt of AC Solutions Group Ltd.

Where should air conditioning units be installed?

For a home installation, it is important to consider: where you spend most of your time in your home; which areas of your home are most affected by overheating and; where you would benefit most from more comfortable and controlled temperatures.

What are the benfits of air conditioning?

It is important to note that it’s a legal requirement to inform Building Control of your plans to install an air conditioning system.

Companies undertaking works on air conditioning require a valid F-Gas certificate.

Did you know that as well as providing relief from heat, air-conditioning systems can help improve the lives of those who suffer from allergies such as hay fever. With air-conditioning systems, you don't have to open windows to keep cool and the filters on the units can remove pollen particles from the air. Also, those who live near noisy or busy roads can keep cool without having to let in fumes and engine noise from outside.

Useful tips to keep your home cool

  • Keep curtains or blinds closed to minimise heat from the sun

  • Always turn off lights, computers and other electronic equipment when they are not in use as they can produce excess heat

  • When cooking, use the extractor fan to ensure there is enough ventilation in the room

It's worth noting that VAT on domestic installations is reduced to 5% for heating and cooling systems. 

About our expert trader

Richard Merritt is the proprietor of AC Solutions Group Ltd, offereing Air Conditioning repairs in the Hertfordshire area.

Richard is a Which? Trusted Trader - passing an assessment process to establish that his business has met the high standards set by Which?